• Drippytown 2001 out now!
    Yes, itís out! The Xeric grant funded comic Drippytown 2001 was premiered at the Humorist Ink art show opening night at the Tart gallery. Besides featuring the finest of the local comics scene (James Lloyd, me, Julian Lawerance, Robin Bougie, etc) thereís out of town folks like Tony Millionaire and Rick Altergott. Drippytown 2001 should be solicated soon so bug your local comicshop or check out!

  • DrippytownDrippytown Fashion Parade
    This is the first panel from "Drippytown Fashion Parade", a one page strip on the subject of plaid flannel and world culture, I've drawn for the upcoming Drippy Comic that will feature comics and articles (including an article by James Lloyd on EC comics) by the folks who brought you Drippy, the eccentric and loveable free paper that circulated around Vancouver for about twelve issues. The comic will be distributed by Diamond and should be coming out... eh, well, ummm... not really sure, sometime, time permitting...

  • Victoria Comic Book, Sci-fi and Fantasy Convention
    Colin Upton will be a guest at the Victoria Comic Book, Sci-fi and Fantasy Convention (whew, quite a mouthfull) in Victoria, B.C. from August 4th to 6th, 2001. Should be fun, if anything the people at sci-fi cons are odder than comic fans and that is saying something. I havenít been to a sci-fi/fantasy con in years, much less read any sci-fi/fantasy books - except for Moorcock. For further information on the con go too

  • Art on the wall!
    I currently have paintings in a group show at The Tart Gallery, 1869 W.4th (where Zulu records main store used to be). The Tart is a new Vancouver gallery featuring primarily the work of Vancouver's dynamic pop art scene. They also sell comics by myself and other local small press cartoonists. Check'em out!

  • I regret to announce...
    ...that Elizabeth Upton, age 45, passed away on August 28th. My eldest sister was the victim of a brain tumour nearly ten years ago, overcoming that left her damaged from the chemotheraphy. As a result of this her reflexs slowed and she had trouble with walking. Because of this some two and a half years ago she drove her car into oncoming traffic, leaving her severely disabled. She died from pnuemonia, agravated by her weakened condition and complicated by an MRS infection she picked up at Vancouver General Hospital some years previously. She passed away peacefully at her room in the Evergreen long term care hospital in North Vancouver in the presence of family.

  • Toonie Award Nomination
    I have been nominated for a Toonie Award for best illustrator from Cartoonists Northwest. These will be presented at the the annual banquet at Ivar's Salmon house on Lake Union in Seattle, March 17th. For more information call Maureen Gibbs at (206) 369-2123. I won't be able to be there myself. This is my third or so nomination so maybe this time I'll be lucky!

  • On the shelf
    I have a couple of projects sitting on the shelf, when they'll actually see the light of day is anyone's guess. If any of you publishers out there are interested, let me know.

  • The Graphic Novel
    Not a title (I've always found titles difficult to come up with, most of the ones I've used have been suggestions from friends) but an original 60 page graphic novel. It is lettered, pencilled and ĺ's inked. The story is a simple one on the surface, shopping trip to downtown Vancouver, normal autobiographical stuff. However, the main character is about twelve feet high, levitates at odd moments and is not above crushing a bus to display his displeasure. This is a funny, slightly surreal and reflective story, dealing with issues of loneliness, rage, political alienation and family tragedy.

  • Buddha on the road #7
    I have the next issue of Buddha on the road pencilled, lettered and ĺ's inked (sample). (I find finishing projects the hardest part, after coming up with titles) In this issue we visit Hell, where Norman is held captive by the demonic hordes out for revenge after Norman thwarted their return to Heaven and God's grace. Norman escapes with help from an unexpected source and returns to the earth's surface, weak and helpless he must not only flee Satan's wrath but the vengeance of an omnipotent God! As well, I have relettered Buddha on the road 1-6 in a larger, more legible type size with the intention of publishing a graphic novel collection, someday. Buddha on the road 8 is pencilled, 9 is rough pencilled, and 10 is written.

  • Upton goes to war!
    After years of relative peace I have rejoined the Trumpeter Wargames Club, Vancouvers centre of tabletop miniatures gaming both historical and sci-fi/fantasy. I was one of the founding members back in the seventies but I had lost touch over the years. Now, once a month I go to the Bonsor Community Centre in Burnaby to fight for Mother Russia, The Holy Roman Empire, King George the Third or the gloryof the Confederacy, depending on the night. I've had a pretty successful track record so far, I fight compentently if a little defensibly for the taste of some people.
    I have now embarked on a project I've had in mind for years, creating 15mm armies for all sides of the War of 1812. I'm currently writing the rules, collecting reasearch and painting the figures and if anyone has information on the uniforms of the US militia uniforms please let me know! I might also start up my old line of work, painting wargame figures for money.
    For information about the Trumpeters contact Eric Hotz at

  • Bowling League collapses!
    I regret to report that after 5 years the Misspent Youth Underground Pin Bowling League has collapsed due to lack of interest and the effects of a smoking ban in public places. (The weeding bastards couldn't face going without a smoke for an hour or two.)
    My team, the Sockamagee! Creepers, persisted right to the end until the league had shrunk from twelve teams to two. In our four years in the league the Sockamagee! Creepers came in second three times! Creepers roster had gone through many changes over the years, the final team consisting of myself, Dave the Butcher (black metal icon and ex-professional butcher) and team captain, Steve Richards. Steve Richards publishes Sockamagee!, a nifty zine about pop culture, B movies and rock'n'roll. I help out with the layout, some illustration work and a one page strip. Steve is currently working on an interview with ex-heavy metal body builder Thor! Write to:
    Steve Richards
    2037 Stainsbury Ave.
    Vancouver, B.C.
    Canada V5N-2M9
    Occasionally there is some talk about reviving the league, if so you know the Sockamagee! Creepers will be there!