Small Press Mini-Comics

The Collected Socialist Turtle

In this funny animal political satire, Socialist Turtle is a Stalinist with a thin shell, battling for control of a featureless plain against capitalists, Trotsykites and class traitors. Inspired by infighting amongst various communist factions in the eighties, in particular the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada. Mysteriously popular with kids.

  • TCST#1 The Maxi-Mini Marxist Party betrayed by class traitors! Introducing Trotsykite Squirrel and the Fox. (Maxi-Mini Marxist membership card)
  • TCST#2 Counter Revolutionary terror begins! (Tribute to Enver Hoxha)
  • TCST#3 Socialist turtle is tipped on his back by treacherous revisionists! (Road to Socialism Game)
  • TCST#4 Socialist Turtle courageously continues the struggle from a hole in the ground. Introducing Non-union Worker Beaver and right-wing death ants. (Socialist turtle's CCSA file)
  • TCST#5 Socialist Turtle bravely continues the struggle while flying through the air. Introducing Imperialist Eagle and the ghost of Enver Hoxha. (Maxi-Mini Marxist party flag design)
  • TCST#6 Socialist Turtle relentlessly continues the struggle deep underground Introducing Crap and Spit, anarchist earthworms. . (Maxi-Mini Marxist insignia designs)
  • TCST#7 Socialist Turtle valiantly escapes to the land of the Workers Red Republic but he appalled by what he finds. Introducing the Panda. (Map of Socialist Turtles adventures)

CUP, 1985-1986, mini, 12 pages, $.50 (each)



Socialist Turtle