Small Press Mini-Comics

Self-indulgent Comics

A series of experimental comics in various art styles, tending toward autobiographical in later issues.

  • SIC#1 A man wakes up one day to find his cat has crawled into his head during the night and refuses to come out.
  • SIC#2 A cartoonist debates the merits of comics as an art form with an arrogant art wank.
  • SIC#3 The horrible dark secrets of the doomed Eccleheart clan revealed.
  • SIC#4 What makes people tick? I just don't know.
  • SIC#5 I am frisked by the police hunting for jewel thieves.
  • SIC#6 Shopping at the Safeway from Hell closing sale.
  • SIC#7 Buying raspberry cider for underage air heads.
  • SIC#8 I dispute the sale pricing at Tito's Market.
  • SIC#9 Flogging my comics I am attacked for being "pro-Jewish".
  • SIC#10 Mysterious appearance of foreign coins in my apartment and possible explanations.
  • SIC#11 Stinkey tells me my friends are assholes. A car full of assholes that are not my friends ram a 7-11 with their vechcile.
  • SIC#12 Stealing back the family mailbox.

CUP, 1985-1989, mini, 8 pages, $.40 (each)



Self-Indulgent Comics