Small Press Mini-Comics

The Adventures of Happy Ned and his Rabbit Spot

Happy Ned cheerfully spreads the good word with a good deed and a smile. Or automatic weapons fire if that doesn't work. This dark humoured satire foreshadowed the violence of the religious right years before it was fashionable.

  • HN#1 Spreading the good word of salvation on skid row with an Uzi and a smile.
  • HN#2 Ned's act of kindness comes with a price as he fund raises for the 700 club.
  • HN#3 Thou shall not steal! Especially if Neds around.
  • HN#4 The police are after Ned. Introducing Ned's evil brother Ted. A letter from a concerned Christian reader.
  • HN#5 Ned is besieged by the police but there's a Judas in his house. Death of Spot.
  • HN#6 Ned goes berserk!
  • HN#7 In jail, Ned has a visit from an angelic apparition that gives him a holy quest.
  • HN#8 Ned breaks out of jail and goes looking for his brother. Series ran out of steam at this point.

CUP, 1985-1987, mini, 8 pages, $.40 (each)

The Collected Happy Ned

Deluxe mini-comic collecting Happy Ned 1-6. With spelling corrections.

Jabberwocky Graphics, 1987, mini, 48 pages, $2.00


Happy Ned and his rabbit Spot