God's not dead, yet.

It's the comic god didn't want you to read. Buddha On The Road is the darkly satirical adventure story about a man on a mission to kill God. The series deals with the themes of sex, violence, history, religion and public transit. Besides that, it's good clean fun.
Buddha on the road

"It's a very funny comic (in a sick way, mind you) and the narrative drive is frequently dizzying. It has other virtues too, but the humour and the excitement are the reasons I would recommend Buddha on the Road to anyone, fairly confident that you would get something out of it even while your religious sensibilities were in an uproar." Fiona Clements (Comics Forum)

"It was eccentric; and it was the work of a moralist. It was complicated in what it presented and it showed an individual vision." Bruce Serafin (Vancouver Review)