God's not dead, yet.

Transit and Walking Tours
With special thanks to Jamie Andrews

Now you can trace all the action from Buddha on the Road #1-4, walk in the footsteps of Norman, angels, devils and madmen as you tour scenic downtown Vancouver! Dress as your favourite character and recreate scenes from the comic! Take me out to lunch! All hail Albanian chutney!

The Transit tour
Issue #1 The dashed line
Follow Norman upon his arrival in Vancouver as he must trace an unfamiliar path to each the Smash Gallery and the opening of his old friend and comrade from his punk rock days!

  • A) Starting from the Greyhound Station at the Pacific Central Building at Main St. and Terminal Ave., procede to
  • B) the Main St. skytrain station immediately in front of the Pacific Central Building, purchasing a ticket (which also serves as your transfer) and boarding the train west bound towards Waterfront Station. (Keep an eye out for religious pamphleteers and other loonies.) After passing through Stadium Station admiring the view, disembark at Granville Station, exiting from the Granville Mall exit. Immediately in front of Granville is...
  • C) the B.C. Transit bus stop on Granville Mall and Georgia St., where many of the local bus serves converge. However tempting other buses may appear, be sure to take a #8 Fraser bus, northbound, displaying the transfer you purchased from the skytrain. (Beware of belligerent drunks.) Disembark at...
  • D) the Cambie and Cordova stop. Across Cambie St., on the south side of Cordova St., beside the James Dean pub, one can discover the former home of the Smash gallery. If one looks up to the second floor exterior one can make out the faded traces of the Smash logo, a leaping Dalmatian named Charlie. This concludes the transit tour. Go have a beer.

The Walking tour

Issue #1-2 The dotted line
Late at night Norman wanders the wet streets of Vancouver little suspecting the events that will soon send him on a wild ride through and above the deserted downtown streets.

  • 1) Beginning from the Vancouver Police headquarters at 312 Main St., seen in the last two pages of issue #1, (preferably late at night, do try not to get arrested or mugged) proceed down Main St. to Water St. and walk west through the historic tourist magnet of Gastown until Water St. merges with Cordova St. Ahead you will see...
  • 2) the Seabus Station, it is in the parking lot beside the station, overlooking the harbour, that Buddha #2 begins. In front of the station is the war memorial to railway workers killed in the first world war, where Norman encounters the first Tafur. Walk south to Hastings St. and then east to the corner of Cambie St. where you will discover the former home of....
  • 3) Jackson's beef house. Here Norman first encounters the angels Raphael and Gabriel, in the basement of the Dominion Building. Looking east, across Cambie St., you will find the Money Mart store and the public phone Norman was using when he is ambushed by the Tafurs who carry him south up Hamilton St. and down Dunsmuir St. (while avoiding an early Kingsway bus) to...
  • 4) Holy Rosiery Cathedral where Norman has a heart to immaculate heart with the Virgin Mary, on the left front of the pews. (This institution is still open for business, so keep in mind while sightseeing this is a place of worship and please act accordingly.) To stimulate Norman's flight from the cathedral, run north on Richards St. while flapping your arms (watch out for traffic). Follow Norman's flightpath...
  • 5) to Richards and Pender Streets, where if you look north west you can see the approximate location of one of Vancouver's more attractive back alleys, where Norman got his ass kicked by angels and was rescued by Satan, now a new and ugly convention centre. This concludes the walking tour. Leap up screaming "bagel"!

  • 6) The Trade and Convention Centre Not really much of a tour, seeing as all of issue #3 and the first few pages of #4 take place within the Trade and Convention Centre, but it is a jolly nice promenade with a good view of the harbour.