These paintings are from a series, "Street Portraits", of people I've quick sketched in downtown Vancouver, based on the same concept as my mini-comic from the eighties, "The Granville Street Gallery". As you can imagine, drawing someone as they're walking by does not result in an exact indiviual portrait but more of a portait of a "type'.

Each painting is 14" X 18" inches, acrylic on wood. Each painting sells for $600. Contact me for further information.

Joe Boxer   Japanese
  Salaryman   Lumberjack
Junk Food Junky   Loogin   Japanese girl
in dufflecoat
Man in sweater   Self-portrait   "The Countess"   Man with Umbrella
Tribal Salaryman   Monster With Tea        

Rockabilly Babe   Urban Frontiersman   Big pants   Wannabe
Smoke Break   Chicano El Norte   Woman in the A&W   Snowboarder
Japanese #2   Japanese #1 (SOLD)        
Askiri like these provided armed guards for everything from explorers, missionaries to slave raids.   Force Publique, Private, The Force Publique was the army of King Leopold of the Belgian's who treated the Congo as his own personnel property.   Masia Warrior
The fierce Masia believed that all the worlds cattle belonged to them!
High on narcotics, the Ruga-ruga were mercenary bandits taking advantage of the choas of an Africa suffering from armed migrantions, colonialism and the curse of slavery.
  African with musket
Many Africans found employment on European mines or farms and often were given obsclete muzzle laoding muskets in payment.
Zanzibar was a center of Arabic culture on the coast of Africa and starting point for ivory and slave raids.

Athenian Amazon   Eric Schneider, Royal Horse Guards, 1810
"God Save the King!"